Dear Guests,

The hospitality industry is worth over £73 billion to the UK economy, boasts over 3 million jobs and supports millions more in many ways. This includes staff members in the supply chain such as brewers, delivery drivers, food wholesalers (large and small) butchers, farmers and the list goes on.

Yesterday, when advising the public to avoid bars/restaurants etc. WITHOUT any financial support as in other countries Boris was condemning the industry to bankruptcy, mass unemployment and many other associated devastating consequences. We are hopeful that the announcement from The Chancellor today will give us all a stay of execution in the short term and hopefully will allow us to recover and trade post any longer term closures.

We are all well aware that people have died from Coronavirus in the UK which is very sad news for all of the families involved, sadly I’m sure that there will be more over the coming months but hopefully sensible actions by everyone will keep the numbers as low as possible.

Whilst we appreciate that we have never seen anything like this in peacetime Britain we believe the hysteria and panicking can’t be helping anyone. People need follow advice where appropriate, look after themselves, friends and family and go about their lives in a safe responsible way. We as a business will be doing all we can to be operationally safe for our guests and staff and would ask that if you are feeling well enough to get out and support your local pub, bar and restaurant then please do… without guests our business will not survive and a massive part of our cultural identity will disappear for ever.

Thanks for your ongoing support and understanding.