As we are no longer able to serve anyone at the bar we now have ‘at table’ ordering app and would encourage its use. With your smartphone just scan the QR code on the table, link through to the website, choose your drinks & food, checkout and we’ll have your order at your table as fast as we can. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Smartphone. Talk to our friendly staff and they’ll get an order done for you.

Booking Tables

It is advisable to book a table. We are still open to walk in’s but we might not be able to seat you if we are at full capacity. Inside will be table service only with no drinking at the bar or standing in an area in the pub. Everyone must be seated unless you need to use the toilet or if you are arriving or leaving. Two households and their bubble can meet up inside.

Beer Garden

Two households and their bubble can meet and also up to six people from different household can meet up but this is ONLY for the outside areas. Please do take that into consideration because of our unreliable Great British weather, if you are sitting outside and the heavens decide to open customers outside will not be permitted to seek shelter indoors when full.


There will be designated smoking areas outside. Due to the doors being open there will be no smoking underneath the shelter.

The Star that you all know and love will not be able to offer your usual pub experience over the next couple of months but please be understanding and support us through this difficult time. We want everything to go back to normal just as much as you do. So just please be patient with us and adhere to new rules we have to abide by.

So in a nut shell…

– We have put a number of measures in place to maintain social distancing however we are relying on you to take responsibility for your actions and we will need you to follow our directions.

– We are required to take your name; telephone number & temperature so please don’t be offended when we ask

– There will be sanitiser! Lots and lots of it

– Card payments will be preferred but we will still be open to taking cash payments

– When using our toilets you will need to use your common sense as they are only small. So please respect the social distance when using them and be patient with others. There is a colour system coded system so you will know when someone is using the toilet or not.

– Food will be served on real plates with real cutlery however all sauces and condiments will be served in single serve sachets.

Sadly, there are more rules, but these will be explained in full when you come to visit us.

There will be queues. There will be mistakes. Please bear with us while these new systems bed in. And please please do not take your frustrations out on any of our staff… They will be working as hard as they possibly can while coping under intense pressure.

Despite this new way of Pub life we are genuinely excited to welcome you all back and can’t wait to see old and new faces.

We’ve missed you lots x